Working principles

The working principles of this medical painting therapy are the phenomena light, colour and darkness. Visible colour is created in the meeting of the invisible creating forces of light and darkness. By painting in accordance with the laws of light and darkness the colours show their working in an objective colour dynamic and the possibility arises of creating a transparent coloured space (a colour perspective). This cosmic trinity of light colour and darkness is an image of the threefold human being as spirit, soul and body.

Light and darkness are the pathways for the incarnation of the “I” through the upper pole (the nerve-sense system) and the lower pole (the metabolic limb system) of the human being. In therapy light and darkness give the impulse for the healing process. Healing itself comes into being in the meeting of light and darkness, visible as moving colours in space. In the human being this healing process works through the rhythms of the middle system (the breathing and circulation).

In the painting therapy sessions light colour and darkness are made visible in the following ways:

  • By using pencil, colouring pencils or pastels on drawing paper
  • By using charcoal on large format drawing paper
  • Painting layer on layer of watercolour on semi-wet paper
  • By using the veiling technique on stretched watercolour paper.

charcoal drawings