Status of the training course and profession

The Emerald Foundation Training Course is an independent and internationally oriented course. Students come from all over the world. For example: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Hungary, France, Thailand and the USA.

The training course is recognised by the European Academy, which is affiliated to the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, Dornach as a “Further Training, authorising graduates to apply Anthroposophical Therapy in their own profession”.

When a student graduates with a diploma from the Emerald Foundation she or he may apply for membership to the professional association for Anthroposophical art therapists in their home country. Every country, however, has its own specific regulations and demands regarding professional practice so graduates should be aware they will also need to meet those requirements.

The Emerald Foundation offers advice for students on an individual basis.

This medical painting therapy can be an integral part of the treatment of somatic, psychosomatic or psychiatric disease.
In the paramedical field this therapeutic method is a new approach in both general medical practice and for medical practice based on anthroposophy.