Status of the training course and profession

The Emerald training course is international, autonomous and independent.
The content of the course is at least equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree and a Master's of Arts degree. The training course is recognised by The School of Spiritual Science, Dornach, Switzerland, the Dutch Association of Anthroposophical doctors, ,the Dutch Associatopn of Art Therapy on Anthroposophic Basis and the European Academy for Art Therapy.

The training is not State recognized. However the profession is recognised because the professional association to which the painting therapists belong in The Netherlands is part of the Dutch Association for Anthroposophical Medical Care (NVAZ) and the patients are referred for painting therapy by their anthroposophical doctors.
Anthroposophical doctors are all registered physicians who have first qualified as doctors in general medicine before studying further in Anthroposophic medicine.
Possession of the Emerald diploma gives students the opportunity to join the professional associations for anthroposophical art therapy in their home countries.

We offer advice for students, who wish to gain a state recognised qualification, on an individual basis.

This medical painting therapy can be an integral part of the treatment of somatic, psychosomatic or psychiatric disease.
In the paramedical field this therapeutic method is a new approach in both general medical practice and for medical practice based on anthroposophy.